Marilyn Monroe - Rare Vintage Photos

A reporter once asked Marilyn Monroe “What do you wear to bed?” While smiling she said “Why I wear CoCo Channel No. 5 “ Enjoy these rare photos of an American treasure.

Vintage Cookbook Dessert Illustrations

Vintage Cookbook Illustrations are quick becoming accent art & wall decor when framed. Try them in your kitchen on that little wall area that just needs a touch of accent.

Great Artwork from Vintage Cookbook Covers

We love finding vintage cookbook covers that tell the American Story.  How cool would it be to do a documentary on American life through the lens of our vintage cookbooks


Brand name foods advertised in Woman's Day, January 1941:
Ritz Crackers (National Biscuit Company), Armour's Treet (canned processed meat product), Dromedary Ginger Bread Mix (box), Gorton's Cod Fish Cakes, Dexo (shortening, canned), White House Evaporated Milk, Gerber's Cereal Food (box), MelloWheat cereal (Ann Page brand), Premium Crackers (National Biscuit Company), Eight O'Clock Coffee (bagged, beans ground in store), Marvel bread (sliced white in cellophane wrap), Hecker's Fream Farina (box), Flako Pie Crust (box, also: Flakorn corn muffin mix and Cuplets cup cake mix), Maltex (box cereal), Beardsley's Shredded Codfish Cakes (can; "Just form and fry"), Heinz Junior Foods, SPAM (with instructions for SPAM burgers and SPAMwiches).

Vintage Paint Colors & Swatches

One of the most enduring impacts from the vintage era was all the beautiful colors that came into play.  From clothing to house paint the new beautiful colors were were a blend of delightful and handsome.  Here are some vintage color pallets that we have gathered,

Great Artwork from Vintage Cookbooks

One of the beautiful things about working with and cooking from vintage cookbooks is you stumble upon such interesting and sometimes amazing art. Here are some favorites from vintage cook books we have loved.

Beautiful Vintage Dishes & Tableware - As Art

These beautiful vintage dishes, plates and platters are so fun to see.  One great way to enjoy vintage plates at your next dinner is to start collecting pieces as you go.  You don't need a matching set - in fact an eclectic set with various plates and bowls is very fun for your guests.

Vintage Silverware & Table Wares

You can start setting your table with vintage silverware and table ware tonight.  You don't need a matching set to bring out some great pieces.  When in an antique store or thrift store you can always add to your collection of varying pieces.  You and your guests will love the variety and fun of vintage silverware or cooking with vintage kitchenware. 

Beautiful Vintage Jewelry with Music & Flowers

It is easy to add a beautiful piece of vintage jewelry to your life.   We love these vintage pieces and we think by mixing them with art and pictures of music you will get a sense of the evening.

Wonderful images from the Vintage Kitchen

We love to post pictures of the vintage cook books and artwork we find along the way.