Brand name foods advertised in Woman's Day, January 1941:
Ritz Crackers (National Biscuit Company), Armour's Treet (canned processed meat product), Dromedary Ginger Bread Mix (box), Gorton's Cod Fish Cakes, Dexo (shortening, canned), White House Evaporated Milk, Gerber's Cereal Food (box), MelloWheat cereal (Ann Page brand), Premium Crackers (National Biscuit Company), Eight O'Clock Coffee (bagged, beans ground in store), Marvel bread (sliced white in cellophane wrap), Hecker's Fream Farina (box), Flako Pie Crust (box, also: Flakorn corn muffin mix and Cuplets cup cake mix), Maltex (box cereal), Beardsley's Shredded Codfish Cakes (can; "Just form and fry"), Heinz Junior Foods, SPAM (with instructions for SPAM burgers and SPAMwiches).